School Counseling

School Counseling

In accordance with the Powhatan County Public Schools Vision and Mission, the Pocahontas Elementary School Counseling Program will empower your child today in an atmosphere of encouragement, respect, and academic challenge so that they may be prepared and innovate tomorrow.

The vision of the Pocahontas Elementary School Counseling Program is for all students to feel empowered with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive academically, socially/emotionally, and be equipped with the tools needed to be successful in their desired career. Our students will utilize this knowledge to become self-advocating and challenge themselves to reach their full potential so that ultimately, they may become functional members of society.

School Counseling Mission Statement
Our mission is to create initiatives that reach each student at Pocahontas Elementary School. These initiatives will be created using data-driven interventions with the basic intention of closing academic achievement gaps. Support, skills, and strategies relevant to the student population will be taught through classroom guidance lessons, group counseling sessions, and individual counseling sessions.

Our Counselors

 Picture of school counselors 

Amy Kastelberg, Zanna Ferdous, Jennifer Lavimodiere


Classroom Guidance
The Virginia Standards for School Counseling outline the curriculum covered during classroom guidance lessons. The School Counselors at Pocahontas will present approximately 4-5 lessons in a school year to each classroom on topics in the three general domains: academic, social/emotional, and career.

Small-Group Counseling
Small group counseling sessions will be offered to support students experiencing similar challenges. Groups meet once a week for approximately 6-8 weeks. The types of groups will be determined by the specific needs of the student population.

Individual Counseling
Individual counseling sessions are short-term in nature and focus on solutions that are student-centered. Students may request to see a counselor or they may be referred to counseling from a teacher, staff member, or from a parent/guardian. To make a referral, please contact the school counselors.

Watch D.O.G.S.
Attention all Pocahontas Dads! We want you to join Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads Of Great Students)! WATCH D.O.G.S.® is an innovative program being used by schools across America which helps them to be positively impacted by the committed involvement of fathers and father-figures in their student’s life. Our goal is to have you spend at least one day this year at the school to be a positive male role model and to provide an extra set of eyes and ears.

Please contact the school counselor if you would like to learn more about this awesome program. If you are familiar with the program, please sign up for your day using the Watch D.O.G.S. Sign Up Linked Here.


In accordance with Powhatan County School Board Policy 6-27.1, parents have the option to limit or deny their child's participation in guidance programs. Should the choice to limit or opt-out be desired by parents, written notification must be provided to the school specifying the action desired. Notification may either be addressed to the school principal, the child's teacher, or to the school counselor.